I am an expert technologist with two decades of experience bringing software projects from ideation to commercialization. With multi-decade expertise in every aspect of software development as a developer and technology executive, I know what it takes to realize your ambitions.




Technology Mastery (19+ Years)

.Net (C#), T-SQL (SQL Server), MongoDB, ASP.net, nodeJS, IIS, Azure Cloud, RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, Messaging Architecture, Reactive Architecture, Real-time systems, Cloud to on-premise integration and migration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, API Framework development, ReactJS (5 years), Typescript, HTML5, Javascript, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, JSON, XML, XSLT, ETL Processes, SOAP (Microsoft and IBM variants), memcache, redis, JQuery, Ajax, Encryption(many variants), MASA Architecture, REST, SOA, CQRS, REST API, API Gateway), Microservice Application Framework, Container Frameworks (Docker, Kubernetes), Monitoring (e.g. APM), if I keep writing technologies, you are going to need to get another coffee.

Technology Exposure (<5 Years)

Python, Perl, R Scripting (Data Analysis), Tableau, Xamarin (IOS/Android), AWS, Google GCP, MySQL, VMWare, powershell, Linux (Ubuntu), Docker, Spark, Pig, Microsoft Sharepoint, Angular, Hadoop, Kafka, pig, spring, hive, google dataproc.

Problems I Solve

You don't have a product/technology roadmap

Complex software systems can be the simplest app to a massively scalable SaaS web application. Many interconnected components, technologies, systems, processes, and architectures make up a complete system. I design the full system for you.

Creative Technical Solutions

I solve technical problems, limitations, constraints that are seemingly difficult in a creative way. By applying Game Theory tactics and 20 years of experience, you are sure to be satisfied.

You need tech talent

At the core I am a developer, I know what it takes to be a great a developer and I know how to find great developers. I know how to find the diamonds in the rough, especially important in a market with not enough supply.

You don't have technology leadership

Maybe you need a project CTO or maybe you need some guidance to make the right decision. Or simply you want to bounce an idea off a seasoned professional who is not afraid to tell you the truth.

You have "spaghetti" code

By applying 20 years of development experience and having managed many teams, I know what good code should look like. P.S.: It should not always be perfect, just good enough for your needs.

You want to buy/sell data anonymously

I broker the purchase or sale of datasets that don't contain personally identifiable data between entities. I review the quality of the data, negotiate the price, execute the transaction entirely anonymously. If your data has value, I want to sell it for you; If you need to complement your data, I will find you the data that is hard to find.

Full technical due diligence

I do full due diligence on the technology of an M&A prospect. Basically, I protect your investment. I make sure that what you are told you get from a technological point of view is what you are actually getting. I dive into the code to evaluate the investment required to integrate the M&A into your stack if necessary.

Design your technology team

10 years of building technology teams. The recruiting, the organizational design, development process, the roles and responsibilities and all the other non-fun aspects of creating highly effective teams.

Your dev team needs coaching

Some teams need coaching on a consistent basis. Career coaching, leadership coaching or technical coaching... I know people and I know developers, I know what they need to succeed.

Your application is slow and/or buggy

I find the root cause of slow and/or buggy applications, design a solution and guide your development team out of it. Sometimes it's not code or architecture but the process that is to blame.

You have an idea and no tech talent

You have an idea, you did your homework and it is viable. Now you need to get it developed, here comes the fun part. I can help guide you all the way until you hire a full time CTO.



Starting the conversation is the hardest part...

Montreal, Canada